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Attention Affiliate Marketers, Online Sellers, Small Business Owners

Avail of this opportunity to build your list – a list you can call your own!


A lot of internet marketing platforms do not allow you to download the list you’ve built for many months and even years. You keep your list with them despite costly charges (which escalate as your list of contacts increases). Yes, it’s quite frustrating.

Thus, we have created this platform to enable you to get lead information, to receive your contact details directly to your email (when they subscribed), and to add their details to your list of contacts.

That’s not all! We still have our packages at a fixed pricing when you have listed 2,000-20,000 or more!

Would you like it to cost you roughly $250 per month when you keep at least ten thousand contacts with other prominent platforms in your list? Yes, they provide many features, but you don’t have to pay that much! Some famous email services may be easily carried out manually… you can organize contacts in groups, schedule letters, mass email, etc.


We hate spamming and we only offer our services to companies/individuals who values privacy.

We’ll have your privacy policy assessed either by policypassed.com or by policychecked.com before we build DFY Optin/Give-Away Page(s). You must comply with existing laws, rules and regulations in your Privacy Policy. If your Privacy Policy failed in the assessment, you may either amend it or we can refund your money.

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